A piezo Point Ahead Mechanism or a Fast Steering Mirror

January 24th, 2017

The Double Tip Tilt (DTT35XS) from CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES (CTEC) is indeed a piezo Point Ahead Mechanism or a Fast Steering Mirror platform initially developed in 2003 for the CNES space project called PHARAO. The DTT35XS off the shelves version is based on two pairs of APA35XS, Amplified Piezoelectric Actuators APA® displaying 35 µm of stroke each, arranged in cross configuration to allow an angular deflection of +/- 2 mrad around the X and Y axis. In order to achieve the two θx and θy angular deflections, each pair of APA35XS is electrically driven in push pull configuration and controlled in position by the standard CCBu20 controller box.

CTEC have been developing several customized versions of the DTT35XS together with CCBu20 for more than 10 years that are now widely used and embedded in Electro-Optic (EO) space and defence systems.

The features of the standard & custom designed versions of the DTT35XS provides the EO customers with a Compact, Dynamic and Precise solution to improve the performances of their embedded vision systems.

To name but a few applications are:

  • Micro-scanning, Dithering or Pixel shifting for image resolution enhancement of low cost detectors,
  • Optical image or line of sight (LOS) stabilization for anti shaking or anti blurring functions in order to obtain better image quality,
  • High precision Pointing ahead for free space optical (FSO) communication systems,
  • Fast steering mirror for Atmospheric disturbances compensation of astronomical imaging system (telescope) or high power laser beam system (DEW)


January 9th, 2017

In the frame of ROXTAR, a MINALOGIC project dedicated to develop the next generation of XRay sensor for medical application, it has been spotted by our partner TRIXELL the interest to develop the capability of a blinded alignment between the imager and Xray emitter. The alignment function allows a better positioning of the imager relatively to emitter in order to:

  • Reduce the Xray dose exposure for any patient by avoiding multi shots to obtain one picture
  • Improving the quality of pictures

Cedrat Technologies (CTEC) designed and developed an accurate contactless magnetic long range (1.5 m) alignment function, based on magnetic technologies. This challenging technology where optical alignment is not allowed brings a positioning help to the medical operator, and hence achieve an alignment with a position resolution lower than 1mm and an angle resolution less than 0.1°.
A demonstrator has been developed integrating an user friendly Graphical User Interface, and shows the full capabilities of CTEC to specify and design from hardware to system level.

More information will be soon available.

MICA™: a new range of linear actuators

January 1st, 2017

French innovator CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES launches MICA, its new range of linear actuators.

CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES is unveiling its linear Moving Iron Controllable Actuator (MICA) product line onto the market, with associated drive electronics, in response to requirements in the industrial sector for highly reliable, long-life solutions.

The moving iron actuator designs created by CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES are the highest performing in the sector compared to other classical magnetic actuators. The MICA™ actuator range is designed for high controllability, with higher force levels within more compact volumes and greater electrical efficiency. Their high efficiency results in heat dissipation through the very low Joule effect, together with easy and direct cooling on dedicated interfaces.



August 16, 2016

The new MICA200M is now available as a product. This linear actuator is issued from research work performed in the frame of the INTEFIX EC project and shows tremendous acceleration capabilities of 71 G in continuous mode and 132 G in peak mode. MICA200M complete the MICA (Moving Iron Controllable Actuator ) family.

MICA family actuators are well suited for ultra long lifetime applications, allowing achieving zero maintenance over several years of continuous operation. They are especially relevant for continuous operation with high level of integration inside production machines, and machining processes requiring vibration assistance, or precision control such as active chatter suppression.


MC-Suite – ICT Powered Machining Software Suite

August 18, 2016

Cedrat Technologies is participating in the MC-Suite project, involving 12 partners, spread over 7 countries with a duration of 3 years.

Bringing together universities, research centres, SME’s and Machine tool manufactures. This consortium covers the full range of interested partners from fundamental research institutes, software providers, equipment providers, machine tool builders and end users.

The objective is to develop the next generation of ICT enabled process simulation and optimization tools, backed up by physical measurements and monitoring, the resulting deliverables will increase the competence of the European manufacturing industry.

Cedrat Technologies is responsible for monitoring and measuring force feedback in real time during the machining process, providing a single axis force feedback table, a three axis force feedback table and a single axis tool holder equipped with force feedback and wireless data transmission.

For further information please visit the project web site at

Training sessions in Bremen on June 16th, just after ACTUATOR 2016

May 2, 2016

Attend our training sessions in Bremen on June 16th, just after ACTUATOR 2016 !

Two 1-day parallel sessions will be performed by CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES in the Congress Center Bremen:

The courses are opened to engineers, PhD students and technicians willing to  ave a first knowledge on piezo or linear actuators.  As these training courses are not part of ACTUATOR  2016, a separate registration is required. Should you be interested in attending one session feel free to contact our training department at training.ct(at) or by phone +33 (4) 56 58 04 14 (asking for Ms Hugi Sandrine). 

To know more about our training offer we invite you to download our new Training Catalogue



August 16, 2016

Cedrat Technologies is one of four partners(1) involved in the AEROPZT project “Development of materials, processes, and means to enable the application of Piezoelectric materials in aero engine controls”. The project has now been completed, successfully achieving all objectives.

Within the AEROPZT project Cedrat Technologies has developed both APA and PPA encapsulated actuators, fluid filled, together with optional compressed air cooling, allowing continuous operation at up to 1.3kHz and full stroke.

Furthermore, with the finish of the AEROPZT project in May, the encapsulation research carried out has now been extrapolated across the standard actuator range, and it is now possible to provide any of the APA or PPA actuators in an encapsulated version, the project has resulted in genuine product enhancement.

(1) The partners that participated in the AEROPZT project are:

> TWI Ltd (UK)
> Cedrat Technologies (France)
> Politecnico di Torino (Italy)

> Noliac A/S (Denmark)

The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) for the Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative under grant agreement n° [632604].

CTEC Distributors Days

December 19, 2014

From November 5th to 7th 2014, CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES organized its third international distributors’ meeting in Meylan, France. 12 partners coming from all over the world (UK, Spain, Finland, Belgium, India, Israel, Japan...) attended these intensive & fruitful days of work and exchange about CTEC products and technologies. Their feedback was very positive and they came back home with a clear answer on their expectations and a deep knowledge of our existing and potential business in their respective country. The program was mainly dedicated to CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES’s products and success stories, facilities tour, marketing and strategy.

We are aware that an efficient distribution network is an undeniable opportunity to develop our business and we do thank all of our partners for their participation! 

CoLaBATS Project: Cobalt and lanthanide recovery from batteries

September 29, 2014

The project is approaching its one year anniversary achieving: development of a system process design (discussed in the project update), specified ionic liquids and eutectic solvents selected and created.The projects month 12 consortium meeting was hosted in San Sebastian by Tecnalia.From this point onwards the consortium plan to deliver the specifications of the chosen task specific ionic liquids and materials for recovering metals from the black mass, and the validation of metal recyclability (striving for a 95% metal recovery yield). 

CTEC role in CoLaBATS deals with the ultrasonic (US) system to be used in the main reactor and final tank. CTEC will design, manufacture and test an appropriate US system, including the vibration generator, sonotrode, and electronics that will be adapted to the specific ionic liquid to produce homogeneous ultrasonic vibrations to promote breaking the battery electrode structure.

CoLaBATS newletter...

Trademark registration for our APA®

June 2nd, 2014

CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES is owning a trademark registration for its APA® (Amplified Piezoelectric Actuators).

>> March 2010, certificate of registration issued by the Office for Harmonization in the internal market (OHIM).

>> May 2010, certificate of registration issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

>> October 2013, certificate of registration issued by the Government of India 

Successful wake up of ESA Rosetta satellite and MIDAS instrument!

May 19th, 2014

A few weeks ago, ESA announced a successful wake up of Rosetta satellite and MIDAS instrument. ROSETTA satellite was launched on March 2004 from Kourou, French Guyana, using an Ariane-5 G+ launcher. The spacecraft includes about ten different instruments whose one so called MIDAS.  

The MIDAS instrument uses an XYZ piezo electric stage from CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES in the scanning mechanism of its on-board Atomic Force Microscope (AFM). The function of this mechanism is to ensure the nano-resolution scanning motion of the AFM under a severe environment. Although operated under static conditions, the ability of CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES actuators to withstand large vibrations thanks to their pre-stress allowed the mechanism to pass vibration tests.  

After 10 years CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES mechanism is still working fine!

CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES bought by Active Structure Finance

February 12th, 2012

We are pleased to inform you that on January 6th, 2012, CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES was bought by ACTIVE STRUCTURE FINANCE from CEDRAT S.A.

ACTIVE STRUCTURE FINANCE (ASF) is a holding company funded by F. Claeyssen.  Dr F.Claeyssen has developed the technologies activities of CEDRAT group for 20 years. He was successively Technical Director and Innovation, Marketing & Sale Director of CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES. The buyout of CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES by ASF was supported by OSEO, the French innovation agency.  

The Board of Directors of CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES gathered on January 9th 2012, elected Mr Patrick GADEYNE as President and appointed Mr Frank CLAEYSSEN as Managing Director. In this capacity Mr Claeyssen will hold the power to represent and bind CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES S.A.

We inform you that :
> CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES’s business purpose, staff, labs, SIRET number, Bank Account Details, Headquarters (Meylan) and current activity remain unchanged.

> All the commitments taken under the previous General Management of CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES S.A. will be honoured.

Be sure that we will do our utmost to keep on developing CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES S.A in the field of actuators, sensors and mechatronics via products, projects and training courses.