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NEWSLETTER January 2018

Cedrat Technologies (CTEC) wishes you a Happy New Year 2018. May it bring you peace, health and prosperity in your personal and professional life!

To satisfy its customers, CTEC continually strive to enhance its offer developping new Compact, Dynamic & Precise products and technologies.

We do thank you for the trust you place on us and all CTEC Team will do its best to make 2018 as fruitfull than 2017. 

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CTEC keeps on developing and enhancing its products and solutions to better meet its customers' requirements!

Products and developments provided by CTEC find applications in all the fields of mechatronics. The major ones are air & space, optronics, scientific instrumentation, production and manufacturing and medical technology...

In our last newsletter you will find information about:

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NEWSLETTER January 2017

CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES (CTEC) wishes you a Happy New Year 2017. May it bring you peace, health and prosperity in your personal and professional life! 2016 was a productive year for CTEC and we do thank you for your contribution to our success.

CTEC innovation is widely recognised and we will stay focused on our goal: satisfying you with even more Compact Precise and Dynamic mechatronic solutions!


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NEWSLETTER September 2016

As a specialist of Compact, Dynamic and Precise solutions for demanding applications CTEC keeps on spreading its expertise and know-how all over the world through:


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NEWSLETTER January 2016

The CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES (CTEC) team wishes you joy and prosperity for 2016! May it allow you to achieve your personal and professional plans. 

2015 was a year full of great achievements for CTEC and we do hope that 2016 will enable us to reinforce partnerships and to gain the confidence of new customers. Your satisfaction is our priority and we will intensify our efforts to meet your requirements.

Thank you for trusting us!

The CTEC Team 


NEWSLETTER January 2016...

NEWSLETTER October 2015


CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES (CTEC) as a major actor of Innovation in mechatronics is used to participate to national and international events in order to present its results to the mechatronic community: The 2015 year is marked by an intensified participation to such event correlated to a particularly high quantity of new technologies and results !

The 2015 batch of conference papers given hereafter shows that CTEC has pushed again the limits of actuators technologies: 

- High mechanical power & high temperatures piezo actuation
- Piezo & magnetic actuation offering high position controllability in embedded systems
- Piezo motors with more understood wear phenomena


We wish you a compelling reading.

NEWSLETTER October 2015...


The CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES (CTEC) team wishes you a prosperous and Happy New Year full of great achievements and success! May 2015 bring us more opportunities to work together.

2014 was a productive year: new piezo and magnetic powerful actuators (APA1500L, APA2000L, PPA80L-E, MICA500L...) along with electronics (a new range of high power switching amplifiers SA75x) were released, showing our great capacity of innovation in an even more demanding world, especially with regard to high-power compact & dynamic actuation solutions.As regards Precision, significant progress has been achieved on the control of motion in the nanometer world, both via ROSETTA MIDAS scanning mechanisms and new experiments with PPA40M-SG nano stabilisation.

Ranging from its involvement in new R&D projects (Emerge,...) to its participation in great international fairs (Actuator 2014, Photonics West, ESMATS...) including a successful Distributors Days event organized in november, CTEC keeps on spreading its expertise in Compact, Dynamic and Precise solutions.

Thank you for trusting us! 

The CTEC Team



One year has passed since the move of Cedrat Technologies to new premises! The main objective was to consolidate our growth in order to go on satisfying our customers and partners, and despite the rather unfavourable economic environment CTEC has met the challenge. Indeed new magnetic and piezo products have been released (new range of switching amplifiers SA75X, APA1500L, MICA500L, LSPS…) and as an expert of compact, dynamic and precise solutions for demanding applications CTEC has been involved in an increasingly number of R&D projects among them INTEFIX, Micro-FAST...

Moreover, CTEC keeps on intensifying its sales presence abroad with the successful participation to famous fairs like ACTUATOR 2014 (Germany), Photonics West (US), Astronomical Telescopes & Instrumentation (Canada)…an undeniable opportunity to have its innovation capacity recognized.
Yours faithfully, 





CTEC wishes you a Happy New Year 2014. May it bring you peace, health and prosperity in your personal and professional life !

This year has been a year of transformation for CTEC. On July 1st, 2013, the company moved to larger premises to accommodate its continued growth. Investments have been made to improve the production capacity and new co-workers have joined us to meet our clients requirements. 

CTEC keeps on intensifying its sales presence and reinforcing its teams to perpetrate its Expertise as a specialist of compact, dynamic and precise solutions. 

Yours faithfully,





CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES wishes you a Very Happy New Year 2013.

May it bring you joy and prosperity in your individual and professional life !

2012 was a crucial year for us with the buy out of CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES by ACTIVE STRUCTURE FINANCE on January 2012, and we did our best to meet this challenge and go on satisfying our partners and customers. For this reason, CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES has invested in new manufacturing facilities, laboratory equipment (such as autocollimator) and a Class 5 Clean Room, and has hired several new co-workers!

Thank you for trusting and supporting us !