Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronicsCedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics


Cedrat Technologies have used its knowledge and expertise of ultrasound (US) transducer technology to optimize the design of the conventional US Langevin transducer in order to get modularity and extend the cavitation generating surface. The result of this development of a new kind of transducer which is called the modular ultrasonic transducer (MUST), patent pending, improves the sonochemical efficiency of classical tubular transducer. 

  • Length of transducer over 2 meters and up to 5 meters.
  • Uniform generation of ultrasound along the transducer with less attenuation.

Each MUST module is 75cm long and up to 7 modules can be stacked to produce cavitation inside a tank 5 meters wide.

The new MUST product can be used in various fields like Sonochemistry, Ultrasonic cleaning, Homogenization, Extraction, Nanoparticle Deposition, Anti-Bacterial Fabric Coating, etc.

By Dr. Hielscher

For applications requiring high ultrasonic power, CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES distributes Ultrasonic Industrial Processors (UIP) throughout France and Europe. They are ultrasonic Langevin transducers made by Hielscher, a German partner. Hielscher's wide product range of ultrasonic processors for industry allows a seamless scale up from lab samples to bench top or prototype units and, for most of them, to full industrial scale. The power spectrum for industrial applications reaches from 12 up to 16,000  watts per single processor at one time. Ultrasonic processors have many applications, such as welding, cutting,  homogenizing, emulsifying, disintegration or deagglomeration and dispersion in the production process.

Due to their high efficiency and low maintenance Hielscher systems are replacing ordinary technologies, such as shear pumps and high pressure homogenizers. For specific industrial applications where an ultrasonic treatment could improve a production process, CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES can provide technical support to help in the integration of Ultrasonic Industrial Processors (UIP).  

Applications, customized actuators or new solutions are presented in the section Sonic & Ultrasonic Generators Technologies.

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