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Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

Piezoelectric Actuator for precise and fast Oval Pistons manufacturing

Piezoelectric Actuator and related driving & control electronic for precise and fast «Oval Pistons» manufacturing Oval pistons are used in all automotive industry. Every vehicle, motorbike, car and truck uses oval pistons. The reason is that pistons in these vehicles are working in very hot environment and as a consequence, the external shape deformation induced thermal growth of the piston is compensated by these «ovalities» (oval shapes).


Actuators in adaptronics: piezoelectric actuators

Piezoelectric actuators have increased their number of application in adaptronics over the past decade [1]. They can be used with several drive and control strategies and they are more adapted to mechatronics applications requiring bandwidth, accuracy and/or lightweightness. The purpose of this paper is to recall the different existing piezo actuators, the different drive and control techniques and finally review several applications in machine tools, optics.


Tool adaptor for active vibration control in turning operations

A tool adaptor with built-in active vibration damping device to dynamically stabilize the turning process is presented in this paper. It can be used in standard CNC-lathes and allows the usage of off-the-shelf tool heads. The vibration compensation system is based on a multilayer piezoactuator that is in collocation with a piezoelectric force sensor. An analogue controller based on the integral force feedback method is used for active damping.


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