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Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

Cedrat Technologies piezo actuators technologies

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This training aims at presenting the standard piezoelectric actuators and their related driving electronics. Some experiments are included in order to help the understanding of the main features of this technology.


  • Understand the use of CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES piezo-actuators with their electronics
  • Chose the right technology according to requirement

Who should attend ?

Design engineers and technicians who aim to use piezo actuators technology.


  • Copies in English
  • Training taught in English


  • Presentation of Cedrat Technologies’ piezo actuators technologies
    • Introduction to piezoelectricity
    • Direct actuators PPA
    • Amplified actuators APA®
    • Stepping piezo actuators SPA
    • CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES electronics
    • Examples of applications
  • Basic rules for use
    • Equivalent scheme of a piezoelectric system
    • Technical data sheet
    • Mechanical features: fr, tr…
    • Output current features
  • Model analyses and experiments
    • Model presentation
    • Experiments
    • Harmonic, quasi-static, resonant and dynamic regime
    • Effect of a payload mass
    • Voltage, current and force limitation
    • How to choose a linear amplifier
    • Thermal limitations
    • Step response

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