Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronicsCedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

Recurrent manufacturing in large quantities for space applications, such as large scale constellations, is one of the next most difficult challenge in the development of Fast Steering Mirrors. Indeed, future space constellation programs may target both very high cost efficiency, and reliability, in the manufacturing of quantities of FSM beyond 1000 per year. Such performance can be only achieved considering both fully optimised designs, as well as manufacturing processes.

In the last decade CEDRAT TECHNLOGIES (CTEC) has developed Space and Optronic FSMs’ applications, both based on piezoelectric tip-tilt mechanisms using its APA® (Amplified piezo actuators). Starting from the heritage of PHARAO and ATLID Space programs, CTEC has developed cost efficient recurrent FSM manufacturing, for non-Space Optronic applications, while at the same time was continuing the development of more demanding Space applications such as the CFSM (Cryogenic Fast Steering Mirror) with ESA.

By this Heritage combining Space designs, and recurrent Optronic manufacturing, CTEC is in position to propose cost efficient industrialisation of piezoelectric space FSM, in order to achieve both large quantities manufacturing beyond 1000 unit per year, and reliability w.r.t space requirements.

Latest CTEC ongoing development is the new Magnetic Fast Steering Mirror (M-FSM) based on CTEC proprietary MICATM technology (Moving Iron Controllable Actuator), which is able to achieve large tilt angles beyond +/-2° on 2 dof (Rx,Ry) with a bandwidth of several hundred kHz. This M-FSM is being designed for cost effective recurrent manufacturing, for both Optronic and Space applications. The M-FSM takes benefit from former Space heritage in magnetic actuators and FSM designs, in order to achieve fast ramp up industrialisation with the expected space reliability.

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