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Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

Compact, dynamic and precise piezo mechanisms for Space & recurrent Embedded Electro-Optic systems

Active Optical functions such like beam steering, pointing ahead, micro-scanning and focussing are already wanted and strongly investigated in many Cubesat constellations under design now for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) observation and optical communication applications to name but a few. The actual demands of these applications for clear aperture (> 0.5” / 12 mm diameter) & laser power (>2-4 W) will require solid state optical lens and mirror components. The related inertia of these components coupled with severe environmental conditions (radiation, vacuum, thermal fluctuation) will disqualify Silicon based Active Optics like MEMS / MOEMS technologies emerging in industrial earth markets (LIDAR for Cars, Active Optics for VR systems).

In the last decade CEDRAT TECHNLOGIES (CTEC) has been developing compact, dynamic and precise piezo mechanisms for Space & recurrent Embedded Electro-Optic systems.

Starting from the heritage of Rosetta, PHARAO, Curiosity, and ATLID Space missions, CTEC has been successfully and constantly deriving multiple mechanisms based on its qualified building block technology of Amplified Piezo Actuators (APA®).

The growing interest and requirement for fine line of sight stabilization (LOS) function, from manufacturers & integrators of embedded electro optic systems, led CTEC to develop a wide range of customised piezo & magnetic XY stages and tip tilt platforms now produced in recurrent batches of more than hundreds unit each per year.

Thanks to this common heritage in Space designs and batch manufacturing, CTEC is in position to propose cost efficient industrialisation of piezoelectric space mechanisms, in order to achieve both large quantities beyond 1,000 units per year, and reliability w.r.t space requirements from the cubesat business.

This paper will present few CTEC piezo & magnetic mechanisms designed and manufactured for space & Electro optic systems with a focus on the industrialisation approach for large quantities recurrent manufacturing, for future cubesat constellations, in order to achieve performance, reliability, and cost efficiency.

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