Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronicsCedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

RAILMON project dedicated to energy harvesting systems

17 June 2022

France Innovation has published a great press release on the RAILMON project. As part of the consortium, CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES has developed a robust, scalable and versatile energy harvester for harsh environment such as railway applications. These energy harvesters combine an advanced nonlinear electromechanical structure with an Amplified Piezoelectric Actuators (APA®) from CTEC. Although initially designed for actuation, APA transducers are particularly well suited for energy recovery, due to their robustness and good electromechanical characteristics (high coupling factor). This APA® is associated to a patented bistable structure in order to increase the bandwidth of the harvester. It is expected that Energy harvesting systems have a huge impact on the proliferation of IoT where human accessibility is limited.


QUICKSAN by MICHELIN: the connected tire revolution

25 March 2022

The magazine 360° R&D, from France Innovation, comes back on the QUICKSCAN project developed by Michelin in collaboration with CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES and CENTUM ADENEO.

Both SRC (Contract Research Company) located in Auvergne Rhône Alpes are proud to contribute to the revolution of the connected tire!


CTEC turnover growth and export share recognized in Présences Magazine

January 2022

Présences Magazine, which main subject is the economy of companies in the Grenoble area, plublished in its last edition rankings of companies by turnover growth and export share. For the passed year, Cedrat Technologies has been ranked 14th for its export share (86% of turnover) and 24th for its growth turnover (+15%).

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ReMAP reveils 1st open acces Structural Health Monitoring database

22 June 2021

We are pleased to inform you that the ReMAP consortium has just released its 1st open-access intelligent knowledge databank to predict the future state of composite aircraft structures. This knowledge bank provides the aviation industry and research communities data to not only diagnose the current state of the structure real-time, but to additionally predict the future state of the structure of aircraft by using artificial intelligence models. The experimental campaign has been performed under the framework of the ReMAP Horizon 2020 EU project and it will be populated periodically.


MEPCOS - Pointing mechanisms for space optical communication

18 May 2021

On March 4th,  2021, Agnès PANNIER-RUNACHER, Minister delagate for Industry, announced at Bernin a new wave of 105 winners of the "Resilience" call of projects, including 8 in Isère.

CTEC is proud to be among the winners. The MEPCOS project (Pointing Mechanisms for space optical communication) focuses on the industrialization of innovative optical pointing mechanisms, intended for laser communications in future space markets for giant constellations of satellites.


Double tip tilt mechanisms for demanding applications

13 January 2021

The magazine Contrôles Essais Mesures (CEM) comes back on CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES (CTEC) double tip tilt mechanisms suited for demanding applications (P4).

CTEC piezo mechanisms and their associated electronics are widely used in Air, Space & Defence (ASD) applications. They can be found in optical instruments, cameras, telescopes and electro optic systems embedded on airplanes, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), satellites, spacecrafts, etc...The DTT is the most common mechanism that constitutes a steering mirror, it means Double Tip Tilt i.e. tilt on two perpendicular axis.


CTEC contribution in the European Project ReMAP

11 April 2019

The magazine ASRC comes back on the ReMAP Project which addresses the specific challenge to take a step forward into the adoption of Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) in the aviation sector.

CTEC will manage the activities of the Work Package 3 which concerns the procurement, development and integration of the most promising sensor technologies for damage monitoring in aeronautical composite structures. Its contribution in the project will focus on piezo solutions for Structural Health Monitoring.


TOTAL sustain for the ALICOP Project

08 January 2019

The magazine TOTAL Regional Development comes back on the ALICOP Project dedicated to High power controllable linear actuation. For this project, Cedrat Technologies (CTEC), one of the 17 innovation winners selected by TOTAL in 2018, is benefiting from a 5-year 300k€ loan.

This financial support enables CTEC to optimize its cash flow in a context of strong growth and investments.   

On December 5th, 2018, a meeting was organized by TOTAL, gathering innovating SME. CTEC was represented by its Managing Director, Mr Frank Claeyssen, and received the innovation award! 

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Moving iron controllable actuator the MICA300CM™

The magazine MICRONORA dedicated to micro and nano technologies published a press release on CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES's moving iron controllable actuator the MICA300CM™.

Those actuators are patented magnetic actuators from CTEC. They provide a controllable force along the stroke.They are particularly suited for dynamic applications requiring long strokes.

Those magnetic actuators are versatile and can be driven with CTEC drive electronics as for exemple with the CSA96 switching amplifier.


PicSat carries a Cedrat Technologies piezo stage XY400M

10 July 2018

The magazine 360°R&D from SRC comes back on CTEC piezo stage 400M embedded in the nanosatellite PicSat. Indeed PicSat carried a Cedrat Technologies piezo stage XY400M that was a crucial element of the payload. PicSat was a nano-satellite aimed at observing the transit of the young exoplanet Beta Pictoris b in front of its bright and equally young star Beta Pictoris, and at demonstrating an innovative technological concept to use optical fibres for astronomical observations from Space. 



11 July 2017

The magazine 360°R&D from ASRC comes back on CTEC new Moving Iron Controllable actuators so called MICA™. CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES (CTEC) has been designing, optimising and manufacturing electro-magnetic actuators for its customers for more than 20 years. The MICA™ are powerful, compact, dynamic and precise actuators.


CTEC participation to the project ROXTAR

11 April 2017

The magazine 360°R&D from ASRC comes back on CTEC participation to the ROXTAR project which aims at developping technology bricks for the next generation of flat-panel detectors used for taking X-rays. Project leader Trixell will use these bricks to develop portable and low-cost X-ray machines that are the first of their kind in the market.


CTEC on the cutting edge of technology

1 February 2017

The magazine Le Dauphiné Libéré comes back on CTEC compact, dynamic and accurate products for mechatronics systems which are recognised and appreciated worldwide by customers operating in varied fields such as aerospace, biomedical sciences, automated manufacturing, optronics and more.



Compact Dynamic & Precise solutions for Optronics

11 April 2016

CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES (CTEC) is an internationally recognized mechatronics specialist with a strong experience in developing solutions for optronics and photonics applications (microscans, objective positioners…). CTEC's notoriety in such fields is highlighted in the last issue of the Photoniques Magazine.


Vibrations: Friend or Foe?

22 July 2015

Vibrations can either be a help or a hindrance in high precision manufacturing, but whether they are your friend or enemy, they must be controlled. This is where smart actuators from CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES (distributed by ORLIN Technologies Ltd in the UK) come in. Their highly-dynamic response allows them to react to changing conditions and their compact size allow for easy integration...

See MicroMatters Newsletter...


CTEC: a new generation of ultrasonic transducers

15 July 2015

360°R&D, the ASRC Magazinecomes back on CTEC's new generation of Modular Tranducers (see p.8). 

Indeed in the framework of the SONO project (which aimed at developing a pilot line for the production of medical antibacterial textiles) CTEC has develop a new kind of transducer so called the Modular Ultrasonic Transducer MUST that can be used in various field of application like Sonochemistry, Ultrasonic cleaning, Homogenization, Extraction, etc.


CTEC: active control of vibration applied on a ski structure

21 April 2015

360°R&D, the ASRC Magazine, comes back on CTEC success story relative to active control of vibration applied on a ski structure.

The objective of the project was to damp the large modes of vibrations keeping the robustness of the control and the static loads during the ski ride. Vibrations  up to 80mm pk-to-pk were reduced with an attenuation up to 30dB and according to the ski tester comfort and performances were improved on different types of snow. 

For your information CTEC has developped an Educational Kit (Active Control of Vibration) that received the first price in the University Challenge 2011 organized by Bruel & Kjaer for the project relative to "Study and control of the vibration behaviour of a ski".


Piezoelectricity: a firmly established reputation for CTEC

3 April 2015

Air & Cosmos magazine from April 2015 comes back on CTEC notoriety and know- how in compact, dynamic and precise mechatronic solutions. Most of our piezoelectric and magnetic actuators available as standard products have been initially developed for space applications, using ESA ECSS design rules. They have been qualified in harsh environment (vibration, shock, wide temperature range, etc) and are now used in Air, Space & Defence and many other applications.

See press release...

CTEC specialized in piezoelectric products & technologies!

26 June 2014

The ASRC Magazine from June 2014 comes back on CTEC notoriety in piezoelectricity.

CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES piezo actuators have been initially developed to meet the most severe requirements of the French and European space agencies (CNES, ESA), for static and dynamic applications. As shown in this press release CTEC products and technologies also meet many requirements in optic, scientific or medical instrumentation, as well as aircraft and automotive industries.

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Our SPA30uXS Piezo Motor Developer Kit mentioned in the Press!

16 May 2011

The Micronora Informations Magazine comes back on the New piezo motor SPA30uXS developer kit released by CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES.

This Developer kit offers the possibility to discover the potential of the SPA30uXS, smallest existing SPA, in stepping mode. With an external dedicated miniature driver (SPC45), and coupled to a high resolution magnetic sensor, the Developer kit is a fully closed-loop solution for high resolution millimetric motion.

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A mechatronic partnership with the CETIM....

04 April 2010

In this issue dedicated to “Les Rendez-vous Carnot”, the Impact Innovation magazine highlights the partnership between CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES and the CETIM in the AVIBUS R&D project (Drilling with Vibration Assistance by Piezoelectric Actuators).

Seeing interest in this project, the CETIM accepted in 2009 the proposal of CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES to become a member. Ugo Masciantonio, project engineer for the CETIM, comes back on this fruitful partnership and underlines the efficiency of CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES to assume the overall management of the project and its technical commitments.

See press release...

CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES member of the cluster OPTITEC !

26 February 2009

"Optics & Laser Europe" magazine comes back on OPTITEC-POPSud cluster which is active in sectors such as space, energy, marine, health...CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES is member of the CELTIC project through this cluster.  

See press release...

Our technology is mentioned in the press!

18 November 2008

CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES' Stepping piezo actuators is mentioned in the press after having received the 2008 Golden Micron.

Press release from the magazine "Présences"
Press release from the magazine "Fluides & Transmissions"

Solutions adapted to an ever increasing electrical and mechatronic world

07 October 2008

Equip' Prod magazine presents three innovative products developed by CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES : the APA150XXS, the Servo Piezo Tool (SPT) and the motor SPA (MICRONORA 2008 Golden Micron).

See press release...

MICRONORA 2008 Golden Micron for CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES' Stepping Piezo Actuators!

26 September 2008

With the Golden Microns, MICRONORA rewards the microtechnological innovations. CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES is proud to be among the winners 2008 thanks to its SPA.

More information available in french and english on the official website of MICRONORA.

Piezo actuators to vibrate the sand of Mars !

30 June 2008

The NASA Goddart Space Flight Center (GSFC) just starts to publish the details of the next rover to be sent on Mars end of 2009:

CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES has delivered the flight units (Amplified Piezo Actuators already qualified under French Space Agency (CNES) contracts) to GSFC by Mid 2007.

The SAM instrument is now ready for flight and is being delivered to NASA/JPL by Mid 2008.

The purpose of the piezoelectric actuator is to vibrate the Solid Sample Inlet Tube, between each analysis to clean it.

To know more : http://ael.gsfc.nasa.gov/marsReferences.shtml

See press release...


Rotor research by ONERA !

29 February 2008

ONERA is working on the development of a rotor with active-control blades and our piezo-electric actuators are contributing to this major technological breakthrough !

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CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES member of the SurgiMag project !

22 February 2008

The aim of the SurgiMag project is to build a miniature computer-assisted surgery station. CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES, member of this project, offers its know-how.

See press release...

The new book "Adaptronics and Smart Structures...

19 February 2008

... Basics, Materials, Design and Applications", Editor Pr. Harmut Janocha
2nd, revised edition is now released (Springer ISBN 978-3-540-71965-6 ).

CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES contributed to 2 chapters:

  • 6.2. Piezoelectric actuators
  • 6.3. Magnetostrictives actuators 

...that performs the worldwide state of the art in the active materials technology, proposed by CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES in its mechatronics engineering activity.

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