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Piezo controllers

The drivers and controllers for CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES's piezoelectric actuators & mechanisms are based either on standalone /OEM board or on 19' board rack mounted (RK) / benchtop solutions.

OEM Series

The OEM series are cost-effective standalone amplifiers. They are well adapted to fit with small area or embedded applications providing with the best ratio power/price on the market. These standalone drivers series are closed loop (CCBu20 and CCBu40) and open loop solutions (CAu10) and are supplied with DC power supply.

  • The CAu10 is an extra-miniature two-channel amplifier in open loop.
  • The CCBu20 and CCBu40 are embedded all-in-one 2 push pull channels controllers able to control mechanism in closed loop with specific PID controller. Each one can deliver more or less power to be compatible with your response needs.

The benchtop series

When more versatile or dedicated laboratory application is required, CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES proposes rack-based electronics for driving & controlling piezo actuators, offering a highly modular approach for building a customized configuration.

This Rack-based solution may typically include:

  • A powered Rack including an AC/DC converter LC75 or SC75 board providing the required stabilized DC voltages (RK42F-3U, RK42F-4U & RK84F-4U with different slots).
  • A selection of voltage electronic amplifier boards (LA75, SA75, SP75) with required number of channels, specific power and specific applications.
  • A positioning conditioner board including 2 specific technologies (SG75; ECS75) as option for monitoring the displacement as complement of the digital controller board.
  • A digital controller board (UC55) as option for controlling the displacement with a specific PID controller.

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