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Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

Ski embbeded piezo system

Since many years, the field of active control of vibrations has been growing up and many new applications using smart actuators have been developing. In 2003, CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES in collaboration with SKI ROSSIGNOL initiated a project supported by ESA where these concepts (smart material and active control of vibration) were adapted and applied on a ski structure. The project aim was to damp the large modes of vibrations keeping the robustness of the control and the static loads during the ski ride.


Active damping of vibrations applied on ski structures

Since many years the field of active controls of vibration is growing up and a lot of new applications using smart actuators are developed. In the following study, these concepts are adapted and applied on a general structure of ski to damp the large modes of vibrations keeping the robustness of the control and the static loads during the ride.. Simulations integrating FEM models coupling to electromechanical model were elaborated to obtain the principal performances and to study the stability of the loop.


Actuators in adaptronics: piezoelectric actuators

Piezoelectric actuators have increased their number of application in adaptronics over the past decade [1]. They can be used with several drive and control strategies and they are more adapted to mechatronics applications requiring bandwidth, accuracy and/or lightweightness. The purpose of this paper is to recall the different existing piezo actuators, the different drive and control techniques and finally review several applications in machine tools, optics.


Tool adaptor for active vibration control in turning operations

A tool adaptor with built-in active vibration damping device to dynamically stabilize the turning process is presented in this paper. It can be used in standard CNC-lathes and allows the usage of off-the-shelf tool heads. The vibration compensation system is based on a multilayer piezoactuator that is in collocation with a piezoelectric force sensor. An analogue controller based on the integral force feedback method is used for active damping.


Driving control electronics piezoelectric actuators space applications

Piezoelectric mechanisms are more and more used in space applications requiring precise positioning functions for scientific payloads or optical functions. Indeed, piezoelectric actuators are generally deemed of being good candidates for driving and control compact mechanisms.


Stiff and soft stewart platforms for active damping and active isolation of vibrations

As future astronomic missions will require more and more stringent resolution requirements, the high demand for an environment clean of vibrations and disturbance appears. This also leads to the need for high precision steering devices for fine pointing of sensitive optics with the highest possible accuracy. Several methods exist to reduce vibration levels: the first consists in isolating the sensitive system from the perturbation and the second in damping the structure vibration modes. Therefore, two Stewart platforms have been designed, manufactured and tested. The first is a soft hexapod that provides 6 degree-of-freedom (DOF) active isolation and the second is a stiff hexapod that provides active damping to whatever flexible payload attached/mounted to it. In addition, both hexapods have steering capabilities.


Recent advances in active damping and vibration control

This paper reviews some concepts used for active vibration control and vibration isolation. It is divided into two parts. Part 1 reviews some control strategies based on collocated control systems, which offer promising results for space and civil engineering applications. Part 2 (starting at section 4) is focused on automobile applications.


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