Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronicsCedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

Manufacture and properties of first industrial actuators APA® using carbon epoxy SHELLS

Future aeronautics will more often use electrical actuators in order to replace hydraulic actuators. Existing Amplified Piezo Actuators APA® with steel shell, delivering among the highest mass energy densities, are good candidates. Lighter carbon shells are developed to further increase their efficiency. For helicopters rotor blade application this evolution is almost unavoidable but is also very interesting for other domains. High modulus and high tensile strength carbon fibres shells have been produced by conventional filament winding, tested and compared.


High power force oscillator and drive electronics

This paper presents the development of one amount the largest piezo actuator ever designed based on low voltage PZT. This actuator is able to provide more than 20kN of force in dynamic operation (60kN in static operation). The purpose of low frequency vibration generation is to improve the quality of parts production in the field of manufacturing and machining process.


Very Compact Integration of an Ultra-Low Vibration Platform for Space Cryocoolers Using Miniature High Frequency Actuators

Air Liquide advanced Technologies in collaboration with Cedrat Technologies and SMAC has performed a study of a compact vibration control platform for mechanical cryocoolers. This solution has been proposed as an alternative approach to cryocooler integration with respect to suspended systems that must be mechanically locked during the launch phase. This system allows significant reduction of the platform’s physical size and mass.


Servo piezo tool SPT400MML for fast and precise machining of free forms

Recent requirements for accuracy and resolution demand higher quality in the machining of precision parts in many industries—such as optics, automotive and aerospace—by free form machining. The required operations are possible by using expensive manufacturing equipment in parallel with several processes such as grinding and polishing. By using a new fast tool servo, the so-called servo piezo tool SPT400MML, driven by a piezoelectric actuator for the precision diamond turning of non-symmetrical surfaces, components can be machined with a fast motion control of the tool (diamond or carbide).


Microcontrollers for piezo-electric actuator

CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES is now promoting microcontrollerbased solutions for controlling piezo-actuators. Microcontrollers provide powerful digital signal processing capability with reduced size and cost, allowing embedded applications to be targeted. The new UC45 board uses a microcontroller to provide fully-digital control of piezo-actuators at 10KHz. It features ADC and DAC with 16-bit resolution, for applications where high resolution is required, such as ultraprecise positioning.


Advanced Landing Gears for Improved Impact Absorption

The presented project ADLAND (AST3-CT-2004-502793) dealt with evaluating the options for adaptive shock absorbers to be applied in aircraft landing gears. Analytical design procedures were developed to simulate different potential design options and a best practice solution determined. The different hardware components regarding adaptive shock absorbers were then developed and tested with regard to adaptive landing gear model. The objectives of the project were: to develop a concept of adaptive shock-absorbers, to develop new numerical tools for design of adaptive absorbers and for simulation of the adaptive structural response to an impact scenario, to develop technology for actively controlled shock-absorbers applicable in landing gears, to design, produce and perform repetitive impact tests of the adaptive landing gear model with high impact energy dissipation effect, to design, produce and test in flight the chosen full-scale model of the adaptive landing gear.


Control of magnetic actuators in electric contactors by current shapping

Most of present electric contactors use magnetic actuators of reluctant type (so called electromagnets) that are supplied with a simple voltage source. The use of a reluctant actuator in this condition leads to a considerable force increase when the magnetic circuit is closing, which creates damaging rebounds of the electrical contacts. To have a better control of the closing dynamics, we develop an electric drive method to reduce impact speed and to improve the closing dynamics. In this method, the reluctant actuator structure is unchanged. The appropriate current shape to be injected into the actuator is determined using a calculation method.