Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronicsCedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

MRF actuator for high force locking and damping applications

The MRF actuators are new electromechanical components using Magneto Rheological Fluids (MRF). These smart fluids are characterized by their ability to change their rheological properties versus applied magnetic field. They can switch from a liquid to an almost solid body. This effect is reversible and operates within a few milliseconds. MRF are used to create controllable dampers, smart shock absorbers or brakes. After having developed several MRF actuators with an original characteristic (presenting a blocking force at rest), Cedrat Technologies was asked to develop a very challenging new MRF damper which goal can be summed up with a few words: “small size and high force”.


New actuators for aircraft, space and military applications

Actuation is used in all vehicles (aircraft, spacecraft, ground vehicles, etc) to control the position and/or attitude of the vehicle, and also to deploy or retract equipment, particularly for embedded optic instruments (cameras, telescopes). As such, the actuation is a safety critical system, particularly when humans could be catastrophically affected by failures within the system. Applications for actuation are flight controls, landing gear, rotors, suspension, antennae steering, valves, scanning, positioning using hydraulic, electromechanical, magnetic and piezo actuators. In aircraft there is a common goal to reduce the number of hydraulic actuators in vehicles and eventually to replace them completely by electric actuators.


MRF actuators

The MRF Actuators is a new electromechanical component using Magneto Rheological Fluids (MRF). The benefit of these smart fluids is their capability to alter their rheological properties - their viscosity in particular - compared to applied magnetic field.


Advanced Landing Gears for Improved Impact Absorption

The presented project ADLAND (AST3-CT-2004-502793) dealt with evaluating the options for adaptive shock absorbers to be applied in aircraft landing gears. Analytical design procedures were developed to simulate different potential design options and a best practice solution determined. The different hardware components regarding adaptive shock absorbers were then developed and tested with regard to adaptive landing gear model. The objectives of the project were: to develop a concept of adaptive shock-absorbers, to develop new numerical tools for design of adaptive absorbers and for simulation of the adaptive structural response to an impact scenario, to develop technology for actively controlled shock-absorbers applicable in landing gears, to design, produce and perform repetitive impact tests of the adaptive landing gear model with high impact energy dissipation effect, to design, produce and test in flight the chosen full-scale model of the adaptive landing gear.


Self locking MRF actuators for dampers and latches

MRF actuators are new electromechanical components using Magneto Rheological Fluids (MRF). When submitted to a high enough magnetic field, MRF switch from a liquid to a near solid body. These new developed MRF actuators were developed in order to reach three aims: to offer a blocking force at rest which can be strongly reduced by applying a current, to provide an electrically-controllable resistive force over a stroke of 30 mm, to perform the control of the force in a very short time, typically in a few milliseconds.


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