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Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

Electromechanical & electroacoustical transducers by Cedrat Technologies

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This training course is dedicated to engineers and technicians having to use or to choose a transducer. It will enable them to acquire the technological bases of the various families of transducers, to know the dimensioning elements and their limits.


  • Know the various families of transducers
  • Understand their limits
  • Chose the adapted transducer
  • Know how to use transducers

Who should attend ?

Engineers and technicians who use/ develop transducers.


  • Copies in English
  • Training taught in English


  • Presentation of technologies used in emission transducers.
    • Physical effects used in transducers
    • LF Transducers - Loudspeakers
    • MF Ultrasonic transducers (20-100 kHz)
    • HF Ultrasonic Transducers (0,2-5 MHz)
  • Dimensioning & Design
    • LF equivalent circuit & transfer functions
    • CAD software models - FEM / LF, MF & HF transducers
  • Study of examples working on models & practical aspect
    • Presentation of a model
    • Harmonic, resonant & quasi-static behavior
    • Effect of a load mass
    • Limits in voltage, current & force
    • Choice of the power supply
    • Thermal limits

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