Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronicsCedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics


The medical technologies (Medtec) are very demanding because requested miniaturization, bio/MRI/EMC compatibilities, etc. As CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES is well known for providing mechatronic solutions for demanding applications, it was only natural to meet an increasing demand from this market. The latest trends in the field of medical technologies reflect a growing demand for always smaller components. That is why the Compact, Dynamic and Precise standard or customized products from CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES suit the requirements of many medical applications.  Furthermore, our solutions are particularly robust and reliable, have low power consumption and can often be non-magnetic to be MRI-compatible.


Implants/ Prosthetics

Thanks to their long lives and MRI compatibility, the APA® (>10^10 cycles) or the SPA (> 10^6 cycles) families of piezo products can be implanted in a human body. For example, Exoskeletons based on non-magnetic APA50XS have been developed for over twenty percent strain that is comparable to natural skeletal muscles. SPA motors can be found integrated in smart drug-delivery Microsystems to perform precise dosing. Our products are also used in other kinds of implants and prostheses (cochlear, orthopaedic…). Not only piezo, but also MRF based actuators are contemplated to be used as semi-active dampers inside prostheses, for people suffering from Parkinson disease or other handicaps.

Another property of piezo material (converting mechanical energy into electricity) has also been used to develop micro-piezo energy harvester of 1 cm3 to replace the battery inside a pace maker.

Medical Production Machines

CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES's standard or customized motion solutions are found in many medical instruments such as endoscopes, trocars, valves, pumps, bio-sensors, and other equipments for surgery or diagnosis. Another application that uses the capacity of the piezo actuators to damp vibrations, is the Cardiolock, a mechanical active heart stabilizer used to locally suppress the heart excursion during surgery. 


CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES’s solutions also equip medical machines, for example X-ray imaging systems to perform anti-blur functions, or machines producing medical equipment such as stents to perform clamping functions or any other robotic system to perform clamping, gripping, precise positioning, precise dosing or control of fluid…