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Magnetic controllers

The driving electronics of CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES's magnetic actuators are based either on the standalone board series (CA) or on the 19’ board rack mounted (RK).

The rack electronic families (RK) are more versatile and mainly dedicated for laboratory use. For driving magnetic actuators between -46 and +46V, the 24 series benchtop rack includes at least:

  • A chassis / rack including an AC/DC converter board providing the required stabilised DC voltages(RK42F)
  • A current electronic amplifier board (LA24) with required number of channels
  • A positioning sensor conditioner board (ECS75) as option for monitoring the displacement
  • A digital controller board (UC45, UC65) as option for controlling the displacement

Note also that various new/customized drivers (such as switching amplifiers, oem products, space electronics) are developed under request...