Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronicsCedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

Linear Amplifier

The following linear amplifiers are designed to drive inductive loads like magnetic actuators with extremely low noise. The new CMAµ10 is a compact and standalone unit specially designed for driving magnetic products such as MICA20CS actuators or M-FSM62 Fast Steering Mirrors. The CMAµ10 includes a current closed-loop control and is ideal for driving small size actuators from CTEC and other actuators such as voice coils and moving magnet actuators, for linear or tilting motion.

A linear power amplifier for magnetic actuator - CMAu10


The new CMAµ10 drive electronic has been specifically developed for the driving of small size linear magnetic actuators, such as MICA20CS, as well as small size magnetic Fast Steering Mirrors such as M-FSM62.


Output current offset (mA): <5; Maximum output load (H): unlimited; Max. continuous output apparent power (VA): 16