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Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

OEM Amplifiers

To fulfill compactness requirements in terms of driving and control conditions for magnetic actuators (static, pulse, dynamic),  CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES has developed a standalone amplifier: the CSA96.

The CSA96 is a compact switching amplifier for linear magnetic actuators like the MICA series. It delivers high power with energy recovery for achieving high efficiency.

Compact large power switching amplifier for linear/rotary magnetic actuator - CSA96 compact large power switching amplifier for linear/rotary magnetic actuator


The CSA96 is a compact high power switching amplifier for linear / rotary magnetic actuators. It features a wide bandwidth current controller and can run with an external DC supply. It allows energy recovery to achieve high efficiency.


Input = 96Vdc; Max output current & voltage : up to 20A, +/- 96V; Output power: 2kVA; Bandwidth >1kHz ; Dimensions (w x l x h): 140x212x59mm3, DIN rail mountable. Commands : Analog - Features : Braking system;

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