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Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

Fast Piezo Shutters

CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES (CTEC), specialized in mechatronics systems, has developed a specific products range for the Synchrotron Applications. The Fast Piezo Shutters family is driven and controlled by a dedicated SP75A-2 integrated in a mounted rack RK42F3U-LC75B.

  • The Fast Piezo Shutters FPS and FAPS have been developed to provide with very fine and repeatable X Ray pulses in the optical path of the continuous X Ray beamline,
  • In standard it includes the Shutter status feedback (Open/Close) with Strain Gauge (SG) sensors and Tungsten teeth

The following options are available for all our FPS and FAPS : UHV compatibility and Remote control of the shutter with RS422 link (option RS422)

To obtain more information, you can download our brochure dedicated to the Mechanisms for Synchrotron. Besides, feel free to ask for our Piezo & Magnetic Products Catalogue and/or contact us.

Fast Piezo Shutter - FPS200M

Max beam diameter: 0.3 mm

Aperture & closing time: 2 ms

Fast Piezo Shutter - FPS200M FAST PIEZO SHUTTER - FPS200M

Fast Piezo Shutter - FPS400M

Max beam diameter: 0.7 mm

Aperture & closing time: 4 ms

Fast Piezo Shutter - FPS400M FAST PIEZO SHUTTER - FPS400M

Fast Piezo Shutter - FPS900M

Max beam diameter: 1.1 mm

Aperture & closing time: 10 ms

Fast Piezo Shutter - FPS900M FAST PIEZO SHUTTER - FPS900M

Fast Amplified Piezo Shutter - FAPS400M

Max beam diameter: 3 mm

Aperture & closing time: 8 ms

Fast Amplified Piezo Shutter - FAPS400M FAST AMPLIFIED PIEZO SHUTTER - FAPS400M

Vacuum Box - Integrated Solution

Vacuum box with KF40 interface

Vacuum Box - Integrated Solution Vacuum Box - Integrated Solution

Cable for shutters

Cable for shutters Cable for Shutters

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