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Piezo motors

Stepping Piezoelectric Actuators (SPA) are new long-stroke linear or rotating piezo motors for micro/nano positioning applications benefiting from the APA® heritage. They operate by accumulation of small steps. The motion can be either linear (LSPA motors) or rotary (RSPA motors). The motors can be supplied by CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES with the dedicated controller SPC45.

The Piezoelectric Motors SPA have the following outstanding characteristics and benefits:

  • High speed up to 70mm/s. It helps  to reduce cycle times and gain into productivity
  • Blocking at rest. The power can be removed when the motor is positioned.
  • Resistance to external forces (shock, vibrations). It is ideal for embedded applications
  • Strong miniaturisation possibilities.
  • Non magnetic. The motor is MRI compatible and does not generate magnetic fields.
  • High resolution within the nanometre range if required.
  • Life time greater than 106 cycles
  • Severe environment compatibility (vacuum, cryogenic, clean environment...)
  • Few parts: cost-effective solution for series

SPA piezo motors are targeting biotechnology, medical devices, aerospace, defence, microscopy, laboratory automation, materials characterization, digital imaging, recreational equipment, IC manufacturing and photonics. Piezo motors provide the smallest size, greatest efficiency, highest precision when applied in these areas.

The Stepping Piezo Actuator (SPA) technology receiveda Golden Micron award at MICRONORA 2008 micro technology fair thanks to its relevance for precision and miniaturisation positioning functions.

Long Stroke and High resolution tip tilt mechanism

A way to combine both long stroke and resolution is to use piezo motors into multi dof mechanisms. The Tripod Actuator by CTEC (TraC) is a 3 dof mechanism offering +/-35° rotation around X and Y axis and a 10mm Z translation stroke into a low volume of Ø50x50mm.