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Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

Rotative piezo motor

High power density Piezo motors for critical environments

Piezoelectric motors offer many advantages for applications in numerous industrial sectors. The requirements for which these solutions are developed are focused on their main advantages such as non-magnetic and radiation compatibility, high force/volume ratio, good unpowered stall force and low power consumption. Such applications are typically concerned by exotic working conditions on which the piezoelectric motors still need to improve regarding the technological readiness level.


Piezo motor for ITER

New piezo motor for thermal vacuum environments

CTEC and F4E have improved and pre-qualified a MSPA piezo motor, based on a secret material and able to operate in vacuum,, non-magnetic or high temperature and sustain radiations. Its high reliability, precision and operating lifetime makes this new piezo motor perfectly suitable for space, healthcare and nuclear applications.


FSPA35XS and Driving electronic

FSPA and BSMA Nanometric positioning actuators for ground and space applications

Many applications and more specifically space projects show need for a stable sub-micrometre positioning actuator. In order to meet this need, Cedrat Technologies has designed the new FSPA brand. This linear stepping actuator offers sub-micrometric positioning resolution along 5mm stroke combined with high actuation force (>100N) and the ability to hold its position without power. The IASI-NG instrument is one of the key payload on-board METOP-SG which is a new meteorological satellite for Europe. The instrument is based on a Mertz interferometer and requires a very precise positioning of an optical blade used to separate the interferometer’s branches. A dedicated version of the FSPA, the Beam Splitter Mechanisms Actuator (BSMA) is then developed to achieve this nanometric positioning which is a key parameter for the overall instrument performance. This paper firsts present the internals of both FSPA and BSMA actuators. Major design differences and their respective impact on the resulting performances are detailed. Results from the acceptance and qualification test campaigns are also presented.


MSPA motors for rotary motion

MSPA motors for rotary motions

Modular Stepping Piezoelectric Actuators (MSPA) are inertial motors working under the stick-slip principle [1]. The advantages of rotary MSPA are unlimited stroke, torque at rest, high resolution, nonmagnetic and vacuum compatibility. This paper presents the new MSPA developments regarding rotary motion at Cedrat Technologies for macro and micro sizes MSPA. These progresses follow the previous technical investigations around noise reduction, miniaturization at low voltage and the integration of MSPA modules [2]. In this paper two rotary piezo motors are presented: The first one is a macro size MSPA based on APA40SM. It is developed to work under nuclear environment: operational temperature up to 70 degrees, vacuum, 5 Tesla magnetic field and high radiation fields (3,5 kGy/hour gamma radiation power and 500 Mn/(cm².second) neutron radiation power). The second is a micro size MSPA based on APA30uXS. This motor is used for embedded application such as nonmagnetic shutter.


Nanometric positioning with IASI-NG Beam Splitter Mechanism Actuator

This paper presents a piezoelectric motor which provides linear motion and very high resolution (40 nm steps). First, the space application (IASI-NG instrument onboard METOP-SG satellite) and associated performance requirements are presented. The internal architecture of the motor and its main components are then explained. A first focus is done on the experimental verification of the threaded interface lifetime which is a key element of the mechanism. A second focus is on the nanometric position test bench. Achieved results are provided for resolution, motion quality and position stability. Finally, results from the vibration test campaign are presented


BSMA with connector saver

Beam splitter mechanism actuator for IASI NG

The Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer New Generation (IASI-NG) is a key payload element of the second generation of European meteorological polar-orbit satellites (METOP-SG) dedicated to operational meteorology, oceanography, atmospheric chemistry, and climate monitoring.


Improvement of MSPA Module of Stepping Piezo Actuator and industrial applications in piezo motors

The following paper is based upon the latest improvements of MSPA Module of Stepping Piezo Actuator to provide an option for appropriated linear and rotary motional applications. Starting from breadboards, MSPA modules and stages have been developed to reach series of complex mechanisms.


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