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Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

Structural damage identification

This paper presents two approaches for structural damage identification, each based on a different philosophy. The Virtual Distortion Method is a model-updating method of damage assessment, utilizing gradient-based optimization techniques to solve the resulting inverse dynamic problem in the time domain. Case-Based Reasoning is a soft-computing method utilizing wavelet transformation for signal processing and neural networks for training a base of damage cases to use for retrieving a similar relevant case.


Piezo transducers for tank monitoring - TWI - Sept 2005

Detecting microscopic structural vibrations for monitoring storage tanks with piezoelectric transducers.


Piezoelectric transducers for storage tank monitoring (Results) - TWI

Piezoelectric transducers adopted for storage tank monitoring: the results.


Capteur électromagnétique effort et applications

This article deals with a stress sensor for cables which has been designed, built and test. it is based on a special magnetostrictive effect of ferromagnetic materials as high elastic limit steels used for bridge cables or prestressed concrete.


Progress In Magnetostrictive Sonar Transducers

Continous interest from the French Navy (DRET and CERDSM) has permitted significant improvements to magnetostrictive transducers in order to produce low-frequency high-power sonar sources. These improvements can be appreciated by looking at three transducers.


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