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BSMA with connector saver

Beam splitter mechanism actuator for IASI NG

The Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer New Generation (IASI-NG) is a key payload element of the second generation of European meteorological polar-orbit satellites (METOP-SG) dedicated to operational meteorology, oceanography, atmospheric chemistry, and climate monitoring.


Design of a 2 stages compressor for mobility applications, using compact and efficient Moving Iron Controllable Actuators

An actuator is rescaled for integration into a compressor used for the liquefaction of hydrogen vapor boil off, into a propellant storage system. The goal is to evaluate the feasibility of liquid hydrogen zero boil off, for long duration storage at 20 Kelvin cryogenic liquid condition. This article presents the actuator trade off, selection and special features imposed by the application. The actuator design is presented, its characteristics are measured, and resulting performances are presented and discussed.


Magnetic fast steering mirrors

Large Stroke Fast Steering Mirror for Space Free-Space Optical communication

Free-Space Optics and Deep Space Optical Communication request new compact low-power high-stroke high-bandwidth Fast Steering Mirrors. To address this need, CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES has developed a Magnetically-actuated Fast Steering Mirror called M-FSM, taking heritage of its MICA™ technology. This mechanism offers Rx Ry strokes larger than +/-2° with a 250Hz bandwidth when tilting a 10mm-diameter mirror. Closed loop control is achieved using integrated eddy current sensors. Requested power is reduced leading to low heating and allowing high duty cycle. Vibration tests allow to define first limits and conditions for the M-FSM to bear external vibrations.



Study of a dome shaped PVDF loudspeaker

PVDF loudspeakers are used for some applications in audio and could be used for applications in active control where light structures are needed, for example in aeronautics. For all these applications, it is necessary to be able to predict the acoustic response of such systems in order to help the designer. Some papers propose models for calculating the acoustic pressure radiated by these loudspeakers.


Improvement of MSPA Module of Stepping Piezo Actuator and industrial applications in piezo motors

The following paper is based upon the latest improvements of MSPA Module of Stepping Piezo Actuator to provide an option for appropriated linear and rotary motional applications. Starting from breadboards, MSPA modules and stages have been developed to reach series of complex mechanisms.


Robustness of SHM techniques based on lamb waves

Required improvements of piezoelectric elements actuation and measurement system efficiency and robustness are introduced as a critical feature for structural health monitoring (SHM) applications. An electronic module (Lamb wave detection system: LWDS) allowing to use each piezoelectric element in an array either in emission or reception mode is presented. The high commutation rate between these two states, for each transducer separately, is a key enhancement for SHM methods. The robustness of the sensor integration is also studied considering the patches size and bonding method. Coupled dispersion curve are introduced Comparison of FEM simulation and experiments of the piezo-electric coupling are presented. This work takes part of the H2020 REMAP project about adaptive aircraft maintenance planning.


Tubular ultrasonic transducer: MUST with axial excitation versus conventional with radial excitation

This paper presents comparison between two excitation solutions for tubular ultrasonic transducer. The axial excitation is widespread in conventional ultrasonic transducer. The radial excitation is proposed in order to have an uniform acoustic energy all along the tube. This excitation approach is also proposed to allow the modularity by adding several tubes.