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Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

Electromechanical & electroacoustical transducers by Cedrat Technologies

This 1-day training course is dedicated to engineers and technicians having to use or to choose a transducer. It will enable them to acquire the technological bases of the various families of transducers, to know the dimensioning elements and their limits.

Fill the registration form and send it to training.ct@cedrat-tec.com to attend this training courses (Reference EET-en / 550 € excl VAT).

  • Objectives To know the various families of transducers. To understand their limits. To chose the adapted transducer. To know how to use transducers.
  • Who should attend Engineers and technicians who use/ develop transducers.
  • Documentation Copies in English Training taught in English
  • On request


Presentation of technologies used in emission transducers.

• Physical effects used in transducers

• LF Transducers - Loudspeakers

• MF Ultrasonic transducers (20-100 kHz)

• HF Ultrasonic Transducers (0,2-5 MHz)

Dimensioning & Design

• LF equivalent circuit & transfer functions

• CAD software models - FEM / LF, MF & HF transducers

Study of examples working on models & practical aspect

• Presentation of a model

• Harmonic, resonant & quasi-static behavior

• Effect of a load mass

• Limits in voltage, current & force

• Choice of the power supply • Thermal limits