Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronicsCedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

Linear magnetic actuators by Cedrat Technologies

This 2-day training is dedicated to engineers and technicians willing to have a better understanding of physical principles and different kinds of technologies of linear magnetic actuators with a purpose of use or design work.

Fill the registration form and send it to training.ct@cedrat-tec.com to attend this training courses (Reference TLMA-en / 1000€ excl VAT).

  • Objectives To discover various concept of linear magnetic actuators. To know technologies and specifics problems linked to their use and design.
  • Who should attend Engineers and technicians designer or user of linear magnetic actuators. A magnetism background or an attendance to the course ‘Magnetism for mechatronics’ would be appreciated.
  • Documentation Copies in English Training taught in English
  • On request



• Equations and magnetic materials

• State of the art

• Magnetic energy conversion

• Mechanical and thermal laws

• Coil, bearing

• Spring use

• Computation of power dissipated by Eddy currents & iron losses


• Actuators specifications

• Moving coil actuators

• Moving magnet actuators

• Moving iron actuators

• Application : the choice of an actuator