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Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

Magnetic materials for actuators and sensors by Cedrat Technologies

This 1-day training is dedicated to engineers and technicians who want to become acquainted with the magnetic properties of materials.

Fill the registration form and send it to training.ct@cedrat-tec.com to attend this training courses (Reference MMAC-en / 550 € excl VAT).

  • Objecttives To provide a better knowledge of classical magnetic materials (soft and hard materials). To discover new materials . To choose the material according to the need.
  • Who shoulda attend Engineers and technicians who have to specify or use magnetic materials.
  • Documentation Copies in English. Training taught in English.
  • On request



• Recall of basic laws of electromagnetism

• Magnetisation mechanisms

• Definition of soft and hard materials

• Shape effect

Presentation of soft magnetic materials

• General introduction / how to choose products

• Main properties (magnetic, electric and mechanical)

- applications / illustrations

- costs

• FeSi alloys for laminations

• FeCo alloys, FeNi alloys, Nanocrystalline materials

• Stainless steels

• Others (carbone steel, Compacted powders,…)

Hard materials

• Main families of hard materials (AlNiCo, ferrites, SmCo, NdFeB, bonded magnets)

• Properties (Remanence flux density, coercive field)

Characterisation of soft magnetic materials

• Measurement of flux density and magnetic flux

• Measurement of permeability

• Measurement of hysteresis cycle and iron losses

Introduction in physical principles of specific magnetic materials

• Magneto Rheologic Fluids