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Magnetism - Introductory course by Cedrat Technologies

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This training gathers knowledge about electromagnetism, magnetostatics and magnetisation required for working with electrical devices.


  • Gather general knowledge on electromagnetism
  • Discover physical laws
  • Learn technical laws
  • Discover materials for electrical engineering.

Who should attend ?

Engineers or technicians who aim to gather the knowledge useful for working in relation with magnetic and electrical engineering.


  • Documentation Copies in English
  • Training taught in English


  • Physic and magnetic laws
    • Electric charges and currents
    • From electromagnetic forces to E & B fields
    • Mathematical operators
    • Electromagnetism in matter
    • Maxwell equations in electrical engineering
  • Formulae for electrical engineering
    • Magnetic field computation
    • Hopkinson’s formulae
    • Electric laws
    • Magnetic energy
    • Magnetic forces
    • Eddy currents
  • Magnetic materials
    • Characteristics of magnetic materials
    • Soft materials
    • Hard materials
    • Material measurements
    • Magnetic measurements
  • Applications in electrical engineering
    • Energy
    • Identification
    • E. M. C.
    • N. D. T.
    • Components
    • Magnetic bearing
    • Magnetic gear
    • Actuators
    • Motors
    • Sensors
    • Magnetic measurements
    • Induction generators
    • Induction heating

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