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Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

Magnetostrictive materials, actuators and transducers by Cedrat Technologies

This 1-day training course is dedicated to engineers and technicians who want to become acquainted with the magnetostrictive properties of materials.

Fill the registration form and send it to training.ct@cedrat-tec.com to attend this training courses (Reference MMAT-en / 550 € excl VAT).

  • Objectives To discover magnetostrictive materials. To understand their properties. To be initiated to actuator design.
  • Who should attend Engineers and technicians who have to specify or use magnetostrictive materials.
  • Documentation Copies in English Cours dispensé en français
  • On request



• Introduction on Giant Magnetostrictive Materials and Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys

• Magnetostrictive to piezomagnetism formalism

• Longitudinal coupling & equivalent circuits for magnetostrictive actuators and transducers

• Introduction to the finite element method (3D model) for magnetostrictive devices (ATILA)

• Static & dynamic characterisations of magnetostrictive materials

• Giant static & dynamic strains in magnetostrictive actuators

• Applications & technologies : direct actuators, amplified actuators, motors, transducers

• Comparison between piezo electric and magnetostrictive actuators & transducers