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Piezo active materials and actuators by Cedrat Technologies

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This training allows electrical and mechanical engineers to become acquainted with or to improve their development and use of active materials based devices.


Discover piezoactive materials

Be initiated to piezoactuators design

Improve knowledge on the use of piezo-actuators

Who should attend ?

Engineers in a Research Department, electronics and mechanical engineers.


  • Copies in English
  • Training taught in English


    • Piezo effects and equations
    • Transfer functions and equivalent electromechanical circuits
    • Piezo materials : properties, performances and reliability
    • Piezo actuators: History, preload and amplification.
    • CTEC actuators APA®: Performances, static and dynamic properties.
    • Introduction to the use of COMPACT & practices
    • Mechanisms theory: linear motion, rotation motion, link between the mechanism stiffness and bandwidth, actuation strategy, etc
    • Piezo motors presentation and functioning
    • Introduction to actuation applications with increasing DOF: positioning, vibration generation, energy harvesting, etc…
    • Design and simulation process of a piezo mechanism: static response, modal analysis, harmonic response, shocks, vibrations, thermal stability etc.
    • Piezo mechanism functional tests: stroke test, force, admittance, angle tilt, open/closed loop stability, lifetime, drift, creep, etc.
    • Environmental testing: Shocks, vibrations, atmosphere, vacuum, cryogenic, LAT.
    • Ultrasonic transducers design: calculation, materials, geometry, equivalent circuits, tests and adjustment
    • Ultrasonic transducers applications: in-water transducers, health monitoring structure, ultrasonic welding, etc.

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