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Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

Piezo actuators introductory course by Cedrat Technologies

This 1-day training is relevant for every engineers and technicians willing to have a first knowledge about piezo based actuators, mechanisms and motors and their related driving electronics.

Fill the registration form and send it to training.ct@cedrat-tec.com to attend this training courses (Reference PAIN-en / 550 € excl VAT).

  • Objectives To learn the use of piezo actuators. To understand main principles. To know how to operate piezo actuators with their electronics.
  • Who should attend Electronic and mechanical engineers, technicians.
  • Documentation Copies in English. Training taught in English
  • On request


Basic knowledge

• Basics on piezoelectric materials bulk and MLA

• Piezo materials for actuators

• Constitutive laws / Equivalent electric circuit

Review of piezoelectric actuators

• Review of direct and amplified piezoelectric actuators

• Piezo mechanisms

• Driving piezo actuators

• Exercises

Review of piezoelectric motors

• Inchworm stepping motors

• Ultrasonic motors

• Inertial stepping motors (Impact drive mechanisms)

• Contact, mechanism & tribology


• Positioning of optics & instruments

• Smart wings

• Refocusing

• Vibration assistance