Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronicsCedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

CTEC makes thousands of actuators and mechanisms a year for its customers. Integration and measurement of all mechatronic products are performed in our facilities in France (Meylan). 

In its process of industrialisation and economic growth, CTEC has invested to enlarge its production surface allowing the integration of several hundreds of pieces. An ISO7 or ISO5 clean room are available to comply with applications in ultra high vacuum (UHV) or integrating optics.

CTEC makes use of specialised test equipments for precise, high frequency displacement and environment testing of active devices:

  • HP Impedance analyser used for the measurement of admittance curve, resonance and equivalent circuits,
  • Several inter ferometres, vibrometres and autocollimators used to measure the actuator’s main displacement & speed as well as parasitic displacement with high precision,
  • Climatic and thermal vacuum chambers allow the analysis of thermal behaviour and/or of the effects of primary or ultra vacuum (such as Paschen effect).

Additionally, we work in collaboration with specialised laboratories and industries to answer to more specific needs, such as vibration pot or EMC measurement.

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