Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronicsCedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

To fulfill compactness requirements in terms of driving and control conditions for magnetic actuators and magnetic mechanisms (static, pulse, dynamic), CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES has developed 2 standalone amplifiers: the CSA96 and the MCSA480.

  • The CSA96 is a compact switching amplifier designed for linear magnetic actuators like the MICA series. It delivers high power with energy recovery for achieving high efficiency.
  • The MCSA480 is a compact switching amplifier designed for the M-FSM mechanism (magnetic fast steering mirror).

Compact power amplifier for M-FSM mechanism  - MCSA480

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The MCSA480 is a compact 2-channel power switching amplifier for M-FSM mechanisms. It features a wide bandwidth current controller and can run with an external DC supply. It can be controlled in closed loop via 2 analog command inputs and 2 analog sensors inputs.


Input = 24-48 Vdc; Max output current & voltage : up to 10A, +/- 48V; Output power: 48-96 W; Dimensions (w x l x h): 200x151x81mm3. Commands : analog (for control) / digital (for PID configuration via USB or RS422).



A linear power amplifier for magnetic actuator - CMAu10


The new CMAµ10 drive electronic has been specifically developed for the driving of small size linear magnetic actuators, such as MICA20CS, as well as small size magnetic Fast Steering Mirrors such as M-FSM62.


Output current offset (mA): <5; Maximum output load (H): unlimited; Max. continuous output apparent power (VA): 16



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