Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronicsCedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

Prototype of bistable energy harvester

A wideband piezo vibration energy harvester

This paper focuses on the design of the bistable energy harvester based on a patented solution invented by the SYMME / USMB laboratory and using Amplified Piezoelectric Actuator (APA®) technology. A preliminary prototype is developed considering the lifetime and mechanical limitations. Experimental results are also given for swept sine and random vibration.


A bistable piezoelectric harvester for wideband mechanical frequency excitation

The developments of autonomous systems such as for self health monitoring, embedded systems are increasingly used in industrial applications. The energy supply is a key point for the development of such systems. Solutions based on battery have limited life time and the power supplies through wires aren’t always appropriate and easy to install. Furthermore, the battery recycling is complex and an expensive process. The researches on power supply through harvesting systems are increasing in the same way the autonomous systems.


Mechanical structure with high force amplification ratio for low frequency piezoelectric harvester application

A mechanical structure based on serial stacking of level arm has been designed in order to amplify the ingoing force of the the harvester system. The outgoing force is applied upon the smart material. The deformation of the mechanical structure is based on flexural pivots using four truncated circular collars. The last amplification is based on the APA® (Amplified Piezoelectric Actuator) shell and already patented solution by Cedrat Technologies. The force amplification structure has been designed upon the request of a small volume allocated (0.3 cm3) and low frequency resonance (20 Hz) harvester


Vibration energy harvesting in aircraft using piezoelectric actuators

In the aicrft vehicle, a part of the produced energy is transformed into mechanical vibration energy losses. This rue is more than ever true when the need for electrucal energy is a crucial problem. So, systems which are able to transform the mechanical energy in a scavenged electrical energy are very interesting.


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