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Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

Aero India 2003 Piezo actuators air & space

Several classes of Piezo Actuators based on low voltages piezo ceramics have been developed by CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES in order to cover needs for long stroke, precise and/or fast positioning in the fields of air & space applications. A specific class of Amplified Piezo Actuators, so called APA has been patented, developed and qualified. Their applications concern subjects as various as Scientific Instruments for Space payloads (Telescopes, Microscopes), Micro-Satellites Propulsion Valves or Active flaps of Helicopter Blades.


XY200M a new design of piezo stage

The XY200M is an XY piezo stage coming from CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES lab and which was newly designed according to space needs defined with CNES (the French space agency). This XY stage benefi ts from the heritage of a former XY stage developed for ESA (European Space Agency) in the frame of Rosetta / Midas space mission which will launch in the beginning of 2003. It is based on two pairs of APA200M, Amplifi ed Piezo Actuators displaying 200 µm of stroke each, arranged in cross configuration around a central ring.


Recent advances in active damping and vibration control

This paper reviews some concepts used for active vibration control and vibration isolation. It is divided into two parts. Part 1 reviews some control strategies based on collocated control systems, which offer promising results for space and civil engineering applications. Part 2 (starting at section 4) is focused on automobile applications.


Micro stage XY25XS

The XY25XS stage is an original micro positioning mechanism developed, built and marketed by CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES. This mechanism relieds on the Amplified Piezo Actuators (APA) technology patented by CTEC


Scanning piezo mechanisms Rosetta Fligth model

The MIDAS (Micro Imaging Dust Analysis System) instrument jointly developed by IWF Graz (AT) and the Solar Space Division of ESA/ESTEC (NL) will flow on ROSETTA and will analyse the dust of the 46P/Wirtanen cometa using an Atomic Force Microscope (AFM).


Linear amplifiers for piezo actuators

After the development of switching amplifier SA75 for piezoelectric actuator driving, CEDRAT RECHERCHE has developed linear amplifiers. The LA75 electronics are presented in the form of a 19" rack, and are proposed into various version.


Voltage sag study in distribution system

The method of fault positions has been used to study the post-fault voltage sags in the supply to a large chemical industry. the main concern are fault in the on-site distribution systems.


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