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Study of a dome shaped PVDF loudspeaker

PVDF loudspeakers are used for some applications in audio and could be used for applications in active control where light structures are needed, for example in aeronautics. For all these applications, it is necessary to be able to predict the acoustic response of such systems in order to help the designer. Some papers propose models for calculating the acoustic pressure radiated by these loudspeakers.


Piezo-composite patches applied to the detection of defects using lamb wave focusing

Ultrasonic-based SHM (Structural Health Monitoring) applications usually rely on the use of piezo-electric patches to emit and receive ultrasonic surface acoustic waves. The principle is to study the propagation of the waves through a structure to assess its health. Because of the elevated number of echoes and possible modes of propagation of the acoustic waves within the structure, those applications suffer from a burden of signal processing. This paper presents a composite piezo-electric patch and its electronics that were designed and successfully tested for reducing the complexity of the SHM detection schemes.


Giant dynamic strains in magnetostrictive actuators and transducers

Magnetostriction occurs in the most ferromagnetic materials and leads to many effects [1,2]. The most useful one to refer to is the Joule effect. It is responsible for the expansion (positive magnetostriction) or the contraction (negative) of a rod subjected to a longitudinal static magnetic field. In a given material, this magnetostrain is quadratic and occurs always in the same direction whatever is the field direction. Giant Magnetostrictive Materials (GMM), especially Rare earth-iron discovered by A.E.Clark [3], feature magnetostrains which are two orders of magnitude larger than Nickel. Among them, bulk Tb0.3Dy0.7Fe1.9, called Terfenol-D, presents the best compromise between a large magnetostrain and a low magnetic field, at room temperature.


Piezo transducers for tank monitoring - TWI - Sept 2005

Detecting microscopic structural vibrations for monitoring storage tanks with piezoelectric transducers.


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