Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronicsCedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics

Cedrat Technologies, innovation in mechatronics


Audacity resonant

Audacity project

The objective of the AUDACITY project is to make the demonstration for a compact powerful and reliable piezoelectric actuator for future locking applications in aerospace. AUDACITY is required to demonstrate performance improvement with one order of magnitude compared with the State of the Art.

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Electronics for FLOCOS Project

Ongoing progress in flow control actuators and required drive electronics

In the frame of the Cleansky 2 projects SYNJET3C and FLOCOS, CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES (CTEC) and TRISITEC are collaborating with both FRAUNHOFER and ONERA institutes, two major European research leaders in the development of Synthetic Jet Actuators (SJA) for Aerospace applications.

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New Technology: Actuator Solutions

Cedrat Technologies (CTEC) has been constantly upgrading and enlarging its range of actuators solutions. These innovative products allow to respond to the customers’ needs and demands. For example we can quote piezo actuators, controllable magnetic actuators, bistable magnetic actuators, fast steering mirrors.

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Piezo & magnetic based mechanisms from Space & Defence to CubeSat applications

A technology combining both the space heritage and the industrial maturity, ie withstanding severe environments at affordable recurrent cost, is the must to have for the Cubesat business to keep pace with the ambitious constellation programs announced to be launched within the next ten years.

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Safe instructions COVID-19

Preventive measures against COVID-19

Due to this hard period for many peoples, Cedrat Technologies (CTEC) has decided to extend its measures step by step to comply with the safety instructions for deconfinement and prevent the spread of COVID-19...

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A few words about CTEC

With more than 50 employees based in the French Innovation Valley, close to Grenoble, CTEC is encouraging the application of its Values 3C®, Concert, Collaboration & Cordiality, both between its employees and with its partners.

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CTEC remains opened

Protecting our staff from the COVID and going on satisfying our customers is our main priority! You can rely on us.

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MSPA presented at IWPMA

The EU project “EUREKA EUROSTAR ELVISA”, involving CTS-Noliac (Denmark) and CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES (CTEC), France, as coordinator, has funded part of the development of this MSPA piezo module.

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2nd Newsletter on the ReMAP project

ReMAP main objective is to advance the use of Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) in aviation. In short, this means to bring smart maintenance to the industry - replace parts exactly when they really need to be replaced. Sooner if needed. Later if possible.

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Fast Steering Mirrors Development for Space Cost Efficient Recurrent Manufacturing

Recurrent manufacturing in large quantities for space applications, such as large scale constellations, is one of the next most difficult challenge in the development of Fast Steering Mirrors.

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