Specialised test equipments available at CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES are also recommended to build electromechanical & piezoelectric devices:

  • Impedance analyser is used for measurement of admittance curve, resonance and equivalent circuits
  • Laser interferometers are useful to measure the actuators' speed and main displacement as well as parasitic displacement with high precision
  • The Thermal Vacuum chamber allows the analysis of thermal behaviour (from 70 to 400 K) and/or the effects of primary or ultra vacuum (10-6 Torr)
  • Climatic room
  • Force bench to characterise the actuators' stiffness
  • An electromagnetic shaker to test a mechanism in vibration
  • High frequency piezoelectric shakers allowing mechanical characterization and endurance testing from 0Hz to more than 30kHz 
  • A lock-in amplifier to perform precise measurements under a noisy environment
  • Magnetic bench for fast characterisation

All prototyped and standard devices highly benefit from these equipments.

Thermal vacuum chamber & cryogenic testing, 3D coordinates measuring machine, Climatic room.