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Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) systems reduce life-cycle costs, increase structural reliability and extend the operational hours for a wide variety of structures. Using its sensors, actuators and transducers, CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES has developed various original SHM components and techniques for civil engineering (bridges, pipe lines, tanks) as well as aerospace (composite parts in aircraft). 

Magnetostrictive technology is not only use to create innovative actuators. It is also favorably used for sensors dedicated to civil structure stress measurement. The goal here is to monitor how stress evoluates all along the life of the bridge or building.

Magnetic effects, such as the eddy current creation, are also used in a broad range of Non Destructive Testing (NDT) application. Among all the domains is for example the pipe line control project.

When non destructive testing (NDT) can no more use magnetic properties, as for example with composite materials, piezoelectric patches and sensors are used to detect structure default using ultrasonic waves. In particular, CTEC has developed Lamb Wave Detection Systems including LWDS45 pulse-echo electronics.

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SHM & NDT based on ultrasonic guided waves


Cedrat Technologies offers solutions in the field of piezo-transducers and their related electronics (driving, sensing, controlling) such as the LWDS45, which served as a basis to develop SHM or NDT application. The proposed solutions consist in driving and sensing electronics, ranging from the pure analog rack to the fully programmable solution delivered with Graphical User Interface (GUI).


Non Destructive Testing, Structural Health Monitoring...

Customised product

Magnetostrictive Stress Sensor


Stress sensor put into structures such as on the bridge cables prevents any risks of rupture or relaxation.


Stress monitoring, NDT...